Synology / Mailplus server / Dynu / Cloudflare

Hey guys I have issue with Synology Mail plus, currently using port 8443 for mail since i am hosting at home and port 25 is not available for me. Using Dynu for port redirect wih email backup, works great when I turn off proxy. I am able to send email to my Synology mail, didn’t test sending out yet but one step at the time.

To be honest everything is working fine until I put type A DNS record with Proxy on, when I turn proxy off I am receiving emails no problem…

Help please!!

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email (SMTP/POP/IMAP) through any port unless you’re using Spectrum on an Enterprise plan.

what if i use port 443 ? will that make any difference ? or even port 25 ? if i get business internet and static IP
I am just afraid of the price of cloud flare enterprise for doing home email…

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