Synology backup to R2


I am planning on migrating our site’s attachments data to R2. We will be using API option. However, the size of data is huge (almost 2TB) and and based on our speed it will takes around 50 hours. However we can’t take down the site for this long downtime, therefore, we plan to do partial migration. My question are

  1. Can share easiest workaround to upload data from Synology to R2?

  2. Does R2 provide upload via CLi?

  3. Any easier methods for migrating data without take down the site?


Actually yes, you can use rclone to upload entire directories to R2 from CLI. I’ll do you one better, you can use rclone to keep R2 in sync with your directory!

That means you can start syncing, wait 50 hours, make the jump to R2 and then stop syncing. You can rest assured that all files added in the mean time will now be in R2 as well. But keep in mind that rclone will overwrite files in R2, so it might be wise to schedule a few minutes of down time while you make the jump to R2.

Uploading 2TB will still take quite a bit of time. I’d say 50 hours is pretty great, almost 90mbps upload speed!

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