Syncing Hosting DNS and CloudFlare DNS (DreamHost)

A number of sites I manage are hosted by a service, such as DreamHost.

They provide automatic DNS, so that when they change their multi-tenant hosts or rebalance servers, my registered domains are insulated from their IP address changes.

Normally, when I use an independent registrar, such as Name or Dotster, they allow me to point at DNS Servers owned by DreamHost or anywhere else, for instance.

When I transferred my domain names to Cloudflare, it was clever enough to slurp up [most] of the DNS entries I was pointing at by default and use its own.

Recently, I received a warning email from the hosting provider that it couldn’t renew a LetsEncrypt certificate because it couldn’t find the subdomain – it wasn’t in the DNS.

For the moment, I’ve manually added it. But this raises a larger question – if a number of servers change transparently on the hosting provider, is there a way that I can re-initiate the Cloudflare DNS to slurp up the revised entries again?

In short, to the world, I’d like Cloudflare to be the master DNS. However, the -actual- master resides in the hands of the hosting provider. They don’t change often, but it’d be quite convenient to point at a origin DNS server and say, “yes, for the moment, trust that, and do a DNS transfer, this is the new set of entries.”

Is it possible to sync against another name server, just like when I transferred the domain the first time? If yes, how. If no, Cloudflare could you entertain that as a future feature?

Not that I know of! This question has come up before… AFAIK, Cloudflare will query the current records for the domain. If it did this again once the domain was on Cloudflare, it would be querying itself… which wouldn’t work!!!

You could manually (if your host supports it) export the DNS records and import them into Cloudflare.

Exactly, which is why I was wondering if there was some way (or could see some future feature) where they allowed one to specify a DNS host to re-scrape.

Conceptually, they already have this code written – it’s low hanging fruit. Currently they ask the “current” host for a transfer to get the records – but rather than hitting a register, they could merely ask the user. I’m sure a number of folks are in the same boat I’m in, with hosting providers shifting DNS entries from time to time.

However, I’m going to investigate your import solution – on the surface this solutions sounds entirely workable. Thank you!

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