Sync Domain Renewal Date

I searched around a bit, and couldn’t seem to find the information that I am looking for, so if it has already been asked and answered before, my apologies. I am trying to find out if there is a way to synchronize the renewal dates for the domains we have registered through cloudflare so that the billing is simplified. I know there is a way to get additional years of registration, so at least the billing could be done all in the same year, but we have some domains that are registered in different months. Would be nice to have them all on the same date. If you can direct me to an article on how to manage this, or it might be something that I need to do with a billing support person over the phone, that would be most helpful. Thank you in advance!

I’m curious if anybody actually offers this, as a portion of the money goes to ICANN, or whoever owns the TLD. I’ve not heard of them prorating renewals.

Yeah, I am not sure that it is something that anyone offers, and that might just be a way it is for everyone because of the ICANN reason you mentioned. If it is possible, I would love to do it, just because I don’t deal with billing things directly, and the more I can take off the plate of those who I work with that do, the better. Auto renew generally makes it not a huge issue, and being able to pay for up to 10 years out probably makes it an extreme edge case need.

Yes this is offered by I don’t know how they do it but I love it. Makes things much easier knowing all my domains renew on Feb. 1st every year. Put me in the +1 for this feature.

This came up on the forums recently. It is only offered on .com and .net (both of these registries are operated by Verisign), and not all registrars offer the feature.

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