Symantec ProxySG provokes CAPTCHA with http/2


Using Symantec ProxySG with SSL interception, several websites protected by Cloudflare present a CAPTCHA but only if http/2.

Let me explain: for years I have been using ProxySG 6.x which only supported http/1.1 and everything was OK.

Now we upgraded to ProxySG 7.x which supports http/2 and whenever we connect to we get the CAPTCHA prompt (that’s only an example, other sites are affected)

If we downgrade to http/1.1 it’s OK (with the same browser, same source IP address).

I’m not a customer of Cloudflare, but is there some way of having Cloudflare review its managed rules to take ProxySG into account when using http/2 ?

FYI when the proxy intercepts traffic, it adds a “X-Bluecoat-Via” http header to the request…

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