SXGs Validator most part of time shows status "not in cache yet"

My previous topic was closed without any answers:

As I mentioned after the developers of SXGs Validator plugin fix the Headers - all works for me.
But when I check my site I often receive a “not in cache yet” status:
Sometimes after I refresh the page many times in the browser and wait some minutes I can see all green marks with “everything’s ok”. But most part of the time I receive a “not in cache yet” status and it can happen for days or even weeks.
I read all available topics about the Cloudflare SXGs feature but did not find the answers to my questions:

  1. How often the SXGs content is updated/regenerated in the cache?
  2. How I can force the regenerating SXGs cache after updating my site?

Any feedback about using this feature would be appreciated.