SXG cached pages getting 403 error on images with Mirage links

We’ve logged a ticket for this issue but figure would post it here also - wondering if anyone has come across this and knows how to expire or purge the SXG cache?

We have 3 sites with SXG and Mirage turned on.

When opening a page from a Google SERP the images that are pushed through the mirage cdn-cgi/mirage URL are all 403-ing out and show “invalid token”
This has only started happening today.

It appears Google has a cached SXG pages with Mirage URLs that are using some sort of session or time based token and this token has expired so pages now load with broken images.

We’ve turned of SXG, cleared caches in Cloudflare but the browser is still pulling through SXG pages

24 hours later the issue is resolved. From what I understand the SXG cache at Google has a max TTL of 1 day

All three sites are using custom “cache everything” page rules that also had an edge cache TTL of 1 day which I suspect may have contributed to the issue here

Although quite a major bug where this shouldn’t have happened.

Through this process we discovered a secondary bug/quirk where when JS challenge is used on a specific set of users (visitors outside Australia in this case), if they get served the SXG version of the page that page will be broken as the browser can’t pull through images and other elements it needs to render the page as the SXG page doesn’t run the user through the Cloudflare JS challenge

Cloudflare support came back 1+ week later (horrible response time) and advised there was an issue with Mirage that caused this

The outage notice support referenced was super vague

For anyone following, the mirage outage combined with SXG caching at Google left us with pages cached by Google broken and thus serving broken pages to users coming from the SERP

Lesson learned here not to use SXG on production sites as no way to force a cache clear on Google’s end

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