Swith Cloudflare account

I need to pass the moncadahispaniaDOTcom domain, now on my personal Cloudflare account, to the a new one, made by the owner site.
May I use the export DNS setting procedure and import to new account even if site is already under Cloudflare DNSs?
Should I change any setting after that?
In other terms, once done the import is the change of Nameserver the only thing I should do?

No settings will transfer over, yes definitely export & import the DNS records but also make sure that any additional configurations like Page Rules / Firewall Rules etc. are copied over. Once you’re happy that it all matches then yes, you can just switch the nameservers.

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Ok, but I noticed that after the import procedure I have plenty of duplicate records with different IPs.
Is that correct?
So I hesitate before making the change of NS…
Thanks for enlight me…

I forgot to attach the screenshot…

Yes some of those look incorrect. Likely you should just have one IP in each record. The 104 and the 172 addresses and probably some or all of the IPv6s in the AAAAs look like Cloudflare’s and are probably wrong.

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