Switching to VPS on my cloudflare account

We were using a sharedhosting server + Cloudflare for the past 2 years but we recently decided to switch to VPS hosting. However, once we switched to VPS, we don’t know how to integrate Cloudflare into it.

When we tried to replace the old sharedhosting’s IP address with the new VPS server’s IP address on Cloudflare, it causes the front page of the site to crash and says “This site is experiencing technical difficulties.” Any help would be appreciated.

Whats the domain? Did you properly configure the certificate on your server and is your SSL mode “Full strict” on Cloudflare?

Domain is: datcrusher.ca

SSL mode in Cloudflare was on “Full”, but I just switched it to “Full strict” after seeing your comment.

We got hostgator to do a migration transfer for us and so I’m assuming the SSL certificate was migrated on to the VPS server too.

Seems to load fine

If your SSL mode is “Full strict” I’d say your setup should be working now, right?

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