Switching to Proxied breaks the site

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Currently, my client has been running in DNS only for as long as they have known. We wanted to change the main A record and the www CNAME to proxied to get the full benefits of Cloudflare. However, upon doing so the site breaks and I can’t see the site anymore. Is this just a temporary thing or is there a misconfiguration somewhere that would be causing it. The site is unifiedlawyers.com.au.

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Have you searched here for the error you see when the

Does the site work over HTTPS in :grey: DNS Only?

When you activate the :orange: proxy, is the SSL mode set to Full (Strict) in Cloudflare?

Thanks for the response. So I saw after I posted this that the actual response was too many redirects which were causing it to show a white page. With DNS only it’s clearly not a problem.

I read somewhere that it could be a certificate related issue, is that where you’d suggest that I start trying to resolve it?



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That depends on:

If HTTPS is working with :grey:, then your certificate is fine and you just need to use:

If HTTPS is not working with :grey:, you will need to fix that first. Then you can enable:

Thank you so much, that’s a very detailed response.

In terms of full strict, it mentions this “Encrypts end-to-end, but requires a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server”.

I believe we might be running with an Auto SSL script, I’ll need to double check, would I need to do anything to support the requirement that’s been outlined above?

AutoSSL would typically obtain a trusted certificate. You would know right away if it wasn’t. Your browser would make a big fuss about it.

If you run into any complications with AutoSSL renewal, you may need to adjust some Cloudflare settings. I use ACME, not AutoSSL, so I don’t have specific tips for that.

@epic.network thanks so much for your help. I tried again last night with your instructions and I was able to successfully activate the site using the full (strict) setting that you provided.

Much appreciated for your help on that one.

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