Switching to Cloudflare partner set up

I currently use Cloudflare with a website but it’s set up independently (not through the host which is Dreamhost). The issue is that they’re unable to auto-renew my LetsEncrypt certificate because of this set up (because the A record is hidden according to them). I always have to turn off CF, do the cert renewal, then turn it back on.

To get around this I want to set up Cloudflare through Dreamhost. I have other sites set up this way and there is no cert issue. My question is: is it just a matter of changing my nameservers and updating DNS accordingly? Or will it be a problem because my CF account was set up independently originally?

Before you go that route, won’t Dreamhost let you add a Cloudflare Origin CA cert to your domain? That lets your retain control over all your Cloudflare settings.


To answer your question, you’ll probably have to change name servers at your registrar, and nothing else. It shouldn’t be different from any other users at Dreamhost turning on their Cloudflare integration.


I’ll definitely look into the Origin CA option. How often would that need to be renewed/reinstalled?


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You can generate an Origin Cert that’s good for up to 15 years.

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Awesome. That seems like the better solution so I’ll be doing that!


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