Switching to cloudflare from bluhost now business email isnt working

i was sent a code a couple weeks ago when my site shut down. it was a 500 code and was told to switch to cloudflare. i spoke with bluehost which has better customer support then this place. im new to all this and this is very confusing to me and ive found no help what so ever. so bluehost suggested that i switch my dns to here and since doing so my business email wont send or recieve any emails. my other emails work but not my business one that is linked to the same email i use here. i need help

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If you want specific assistance, you will need to share your domain name. In the meantime, the following is worth reading:

how do i share that? when i reply i get a box saying to use the pre-formatted text option

Place the domain name between two backticks, like this:


To get this:


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You are using proxied hostnames in your MX record. That tends to be problematic as the synthetic hostnames start with _dc-mx and a hostname is not allowed to start with an underscore.

What are the actual names currently used in your MX records? I’m interested in the ones that are only visible to you in your Cloudflare dashboard.

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mail.fit2profitmedia.com fit2profitmedia.com those are the only ones i see in the MX record on my dshboard

the SRV and TXT has a bunch with the underscores in front. does that matter?


  1. Change the Proxy status for mail related records from Proxied (:orange:) to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.
    → The ones marked with orange, in the below screenshot.

  2. Remove the first MX record shown in your screenshot.
    → The one marked with red, in the below screenshot.

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ive done as suggested.

SRV and TXT do not represent hostnames, so the underscores are not problematic and are actually required.

I would keep the naked domain proxied and remove it from your MX, which you have already done via the reply from @DarkDeviL, so you should be in good shape. :sunglasses:

Sorry about the delay. Sometimes meatspace obligations interrupt the online flow. Be sure to let us know if it fixes things for you.

yeah its still not sending or receiving from another account. i send a test email and dont receive. only between the linked accounts does it work. im not able to send or receive from outside the connected accounts

Do you receive a bounce message (NDR) with an error message detailing the problem?

Can you share that message with us?

It appears that it is working now. I have 15 emails on my biz account so it seems I’m good to go. I will test again to be sure and will follow up with you after confirming it’s working

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