Switching Pro Plan between sites, billing


Hi, so I recently tried to switch my Pro Plan to a different site, but was charged double. Charged recently for the Pro plan on the former site, and then charged again for the new site.

I tried looking for a way to contact billing, but there was no place for inquires.

Anyone have an idea, and can help?


You cannot switch a plan from a site to another, you need to cancel the subscription on one and enable it on another. You can contact support for billing issues, but I presume there is nothing to do here. Disable the Pro plan on the former and that’s all you can do.


Hi. That’s what i did. I have already switched. But since I just paid for the pro plan for the month on the other site, can you credit that $20 to the account?



We’re just customers, but I’m pretty sure Cloudflare won’t credit back something you ordered. Just make sure you’ve downgraded the unwanted plan.


Oh, wow. I replied via email. Lol. I thought this was billing. I apologize.

No, thanks for letting me know.

And considering I just moved the pro plan to another site, I hope they can accommodate me.

cross fingers

I found the email after dialing the number.

Anyways, thanks a bunch for even replying!


There must be a real reason, they credited me back a couple of $ once because there had been a triple charge of the same thing.


Certainly, if Cloudflare made a mistake and triple charged you for one item they’ll credit your account. But if you downgrade one domain to Free, (and upgrade another domain to Pro), you don’t get a refund for the remaining time on the downgraded domain.


Agreed with you, you need to downgrade before the end of the billing cycle and then upgrade the other, which will get charged pro-rated for the month.