Switching primary domain on account

I would like to switch my primary domain used on the Cloudflare account, is this possible? For example, I set up a second website to test Cloudflare (samplewebsite.NET) so I wouldn’t disrupt the live website (samplewebsite.COM). Now that I have successfully set up this new site and I like the settings, I would like to configure the site to use the .COM domain.

How can I go about this smallest number of service disruptions? I want the .COM domains to be primary and .NET domain to be secondary. I read a similar support entry, but they just added a second domain to the existing cloudflare configuration, however the example didn’t include switching a primary domain used.

Any advice would help. I would rather not delete the .NET site instance in Cloudflare and start all over. What recommendations do you have?

Thanks, Eddie

Domains on your account are all independent. So you can’t just “rename” a domain to have it work for something else. I know, it’s a pain. I wish I could copy existing settings to other domains, but that functionality isn’t built into the Cloudflare dashboard.

You won’t have to delete the .net configuration, but just look through it as you set up your .com domain here.

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