Switching Main Website Provider and New Provider Wants Us to Move Nameservers

Our main website is currently set up using A and AAAA records to point to the address of the CMS provider.

We are switching to a new CMS provider and they want us to switch our domain to use their nameservers instead of Cloudflare. I do not want to do that because we use Cloudflare DNS to manage other services such as mail (MX) and sites on subdomains.

Will it work in Cloudflare if I create NS records to their nameservers for the main domain name and set it to use DNS only?

Thank you for your help.

If you mean delegate www.example.com to your provider, then that will technically achieve what you are looking for. NS records are always DNS only.

Who is the provider?

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The provider is called Invision Community: invisioncommunity dot com

Thank you for your help, Michael. Iā€™m marking your answer as the solution.

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