Switching hosts while Cloudflare is registrar

I may be asking a totally stupid question, hence my apologies in advance.

My domain registrar is Cloudflare. I have been trying to switch hosting providers from A2 to DreamHost. I put the new host (Dreamhost) IP address in all A records, deleted all old IP addresses that pointed to A2 and deleted everything else that said A2 (old host) on it.

Now the issue popped up while installing SSL at Dreamhost’s end. In order to install Let’s encrypt SSL, they asked me to pause Cloudflare until the DreamHost IP propogates. However, when I do it, A2’s IP address is propogated across the Globe.

What can I be doing wrong? I am really out of options. Please help. Thank you in advance.

It’s a little strange that the A2 addresses are showing up. Even if so, they should clear up in 5 minutes due to DNS TTL (Auto).

You didn’t mention if when NOT paused, it’s evident that Cloudflare is proxying your Dreamhost site.

As Cloudflare is your registrar, it’s highly unlikely that you have the wrong name servers. But the ones on your DNS screen should show up as the NS for your domain at dnschecker.org

Another option (my recommendation): Use a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate. You can skip the CSR part.

Weird weird weird… Again all A records reverted to A2 again in 2 hours… I have no idea how…

I wish I could share my screen with you. I am sure I am doing something wrong.

Ohhhhh. Check the top of dash.cloudflare.com for Audit Log. You’ll probably find these DNS record changes. Often it’s by a third party, such as Ezoic using the Global API Key you gave them.

I suggest you Change that key:

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