Switching hosting providers

My hosting site was godaddy with cloudfare for my dns server. I just switched from godaddy to siteground, but cannot complete the transfer (and my website is down) because cloudfare is configured for the godaddy server.
I need to speak with someone, but cannot find phone numbers for siteground or cloudfare.
I am not tech savvy. Can anyone help me figure out what I can do to get my website running again?? Please!!

Get the IP address that is pointing to the website hosted on Siteground.

Next, go to Cloudflare DNS management and change the IP address from the existing one to the new one. (assume that your website is www.example.com, change the IP address for www.example.com)

I appreciate your reply! I don’t know how to find any of that though. I’m pretty clueless.

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare support. We’re sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.

If you are just changing the hosting, it means all you have to do is update your origin IP in the DNS app on your Cloudflare Dashboard.

So if I understand you correctly, initially your set up is

client—> Cloudflare --> Go Daddy(origin IP)

and now you want to move your site to Siteground. Please get the origin IP from your hosting provider and update the DNS record on the Cloudflare Dashboard, following the instructions here Managing DNS records in Cloudflare

alt text

client —> Cloudflare —> Site ground(origin IP)

After this change, Cloudflare will contact the Site ground origin IP to serve requests.

I will mark this as solved for now.

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