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Hi a person setup cloudflare on my domain and subdomains before using his own cloudflare account now i want to setup my own cloudflare account for my domains i have signed up i can just go ahead and change nameservers that not an issue but i’m Worried about Loss / missconfiguration of my DNS records that are currently under previous person cloudflare account all ip’s are proxied i believe if i change nameservers for domain directly i would have issue with my domain and sub domains becuase they might not be pointing to a Correct ip previous person is not sharing Original ip’s and dns records please help me with situation i want a smooth transition from his cloudflare account to my cloudflare account without experiencing any issues or downtime waiting for a helpful response Thanks

Cloudflare will not be able to help you in any way here.

Contact your host to find out the correct IPs and any other records like those for email.

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