Switching from partial to full integration

My apologies as this is a basic level question.

I use the free level CF service and my website which is hosted on a dedicated server is partially integrated with CF.

Because visitors are seeing an increasing frequency of CF errors (5xx and 1xxx) my hosting company is recommending I switch to full DNS for CloudFlare and use CF name-servers instead of my hosting company’s.

Does this sound like good advice and is there a guide for doing this?


A partial setup should not be the reason for these errors and I’d be hesitant to assume signing up for a proper account will magically fix all of them.

Without knowing what the exact errors are, it certainly is difficult to provide further advice, but in most cases these issues are because of some errors on your hosting server and they will not stop just because you signed up for a proper account.

I don’t know your host and most certainly don’t want to bad-mouth them, but I would not be surprised if one of the motivations to suggest a proper account is for them to be able to tell you look, you are on a full account now and we don’t have anything to do with that, please talk to Cloudflare. Again, this is rather an assumption but hosts very often don’t know of any issues on their side.

Before you change your account I’d really rather figure out what those errors are and how to fix them. For that I’d recommend #tutorials as well as the search here, as there are dedicated articles on each individual error code.

This is why I thought I’d get a second opinion here. The kind of errors people are seeing mostly include 520, 516, 522.

Where do I start to troubleshoot this?

Would resetting the cache help?

516 is not a Cloudflare error, 520 and 522 are and aforementioned steps would be advised in that case. These are typically related to your host.

Where’s the best place to start trouble-shooting 520 and 522 errors at the host end?

As I already mentioned.

OK, I have had a look but there isn’t anything particularly specific. I’m fishing for folks who may have had the same experience as I’m having.

I’ve asked the hosting company to start over on the analysis of my server’s performance. They are a CF partner after all.

Your host should be your primary contact for that. They are a partner and should know what the issues could be.

But the errors you mentioned are common and there should be plenty of threads to get you started. Plus the mentioned articles do cover the most common cases as well. In short, your host either does not respond in time or returns a broken response, which is when you get the 520.

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