Switching from Hover Registrar

So it’s not clear after switching over to Cloudflare how DNS will need to change. I had Hover pointing to Cloudflare and then to my host. Now that I switched over, my host is showing so many errors. It’s not clear if I can rest the DNS settings on the Cloudflare side or even how to do it. Also on another note, I tried to place a ticket for help but Cloudflare says I’m on a free account and will have to wait. Wish that was more clear when I switched I would have just stuck with Hover.

Thank you

Nothing should have changed. Hover would have told the world which two name servers to use for your domain, and Cloudflare should continue to do the same.

What’s the domain?

Well squarespace says it’s Cloud flare’s setting, now that I moved reg. On Cloudflare dns it still point to hover not realty sure I brought down the site since I had SSL warning on SS. Somehow been getting a large amount of spammers getting past my get in touch newsletter sign up.
That’s why i had to check the setting on SS it was strange for 3 weeks.

You’re on Squarespace?

Hi sdayman
I’m aware that Squarespace has had this no support for Cloudflare for some time. But it had always worked. Hover thru Cloud flare hooked up with SS. Wasn’t until i moved my domain reged through CloudFlare.

But anyway i do have a new but similar question.
How do reset the DNS setting to a default settings. i made a whole lot of changes and well you know.