Switching from Google Site to Canva not working

Hi there,

First off, I am not well versed in this. I tried switching the host of my site from google sites to a Canva site, I followed the instructions provided by Canva and deleted the Google CNAME and A records and replaced them with 2 A records and a TXT record. It has been since Thursday and it is still not working. I talked with google support but they couldn’t help much other than tell me they think it would work.

My website is getting this error, “Error 1000 Ray ID: 774fc6a57aaa61e9 • 2022-12-05 21:11:44 UTC DNS points to prohibited IP”

I have looked into the issue as much as I could, and everything tells me it is pointing to the wrong (possibly Cloudflare) IP, which I just copied and pasted exactly what Canva said to. I bought my domain from Bluehost and have tried to put the A and TXT records in there as well and no luck.

Thank you for any and all help!

Hi there jmanjanz,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues here. I am not familiar with how Google and Canva hosting operates exactly, and with the provided information I’m not able to assist much further. At a glance, this can even be a Custom Hostname issue. Can you submit a support ticket with more detailed information on the domain you are having issues with, and the specific DNS records as well? Let us know the ticket number afterwards, and we can try to assist accordingly. Cheers!

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