Switching from Flywheel to HostMetro – DNS Setup?

Someone else is taking over a site from me and wants to use his own host at hostmetro. I cannot seem to get the A and CNAME correct so he can take control.
DNSchecker shows the correct A record and IP address, but the CNAME check comes up empty.
It’s been about 3 hours since I changed those settings.

Domain is at Cloundflare. Nameserver is at Cloudflare.
Here is what I have in the Cloudflare DNS panel:
A mywebsite.com DNS only
CNAME metro713.hostmetro.com mywebsite.com DNS only

Is this correct?

Thanks for any help, guidance, whatever.

That’s backwards. Just like in your A records, your hostname should come first. Though you shouldn’t have an A and CNAME record for the same hostname, as you show (mywebsitesite.com).

So what do I need in the CNAME record?
And yes, it won’t let me enter mywebsite.com in the Name field for both.
Also, why when I enter ‘@’ in the A record, it changes to mywebsite.com?

Sorry, I am new here. (Obviously)

Hmm, I have a www and ftp CNAME pointing to mywebsite.com.
Maybe that’s all I need for CNAMEs?

Thanks for the help!

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