Switching from enterprise to business plan

We are currently having enterprise licenses covering 2 domains for us and in coming few weeks of time we would like to switch those to business licenses. I studied all technical differences between both license categories and understand what feature/service is not available or comes with limited quota under business plan.

What I was unable to find from cloudflare pricing comparison page was how much bandwidth/dns requests consumption is allowed under business plan as because under enterprise plan it comes with a bandwidth limit for the account and so overages if you consuming above it. I cant see any information about the same under Business license.
It will be great if someone can please help me understanding how the business plan works. Does it come with a annual contract, limited quota of services etc. ? What are the overages cost for different services, if any ?

Second thing I was unsure of was - whom to approach for stopping enterprise contract renewal and switching to business plans from next cycle ? How does that work ?

Tried to get my answers for above questions from Cloudflare CSM team but did not get yet. Will appreciate any information to helps moving this ahead to switching to business plan.



As most Enterprise Plans are customised to the needs of the customer we will not be able to help with any comparison, your CSM will know best, even better than Support. Please reach out to them.

As for what is on the Business plan, you can find them here:


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