Switching from CloudFlare to Hostinger

We are switching our hosting from Cloudflare to Hostinger. I added local NS records, but am unable to modify the Cloudflare records. What am I doing wrong?

Adding or adjusting “NS records” within your current DNS provider, won’t be enough to switch the DNS provider of a domain.

If you intend to be migrating completely away from Cloudflare, including, as a DNS provider, you would need to ask Hostinger for what name servers you would need to delegate your domain to.

Once you have that set of name servers, you would need to contact your domain registrar for instructions on how to change the name server delegation for your domain.

If you have already modified your name servers to be delegated to Hostinger, according to the above, then no changes that you’re attempting to make within Cloudflare will have any affect any more, as Cloudflare is no longer your DNS provider.

How to modify the records through Hostinger would then be something you would need to ask Hostinger about.

At the point where you mention switching your “hosting” from Cloudflare to Hostinger, I’m a bit sceptical though, as Cloudflare rarely hosts your site, except if it is a static site through e.g. Cloudflare Pages.

What domain is this about?

If you posted your actual domain name, we could get to the bottom of this rather quickly.

Is this on a domain registered through Cloudflare Registrar?

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