Switching from a universal SSL cert to an advanced cert


I have a Universal cert installed for my domain on Cloudflare. Recently I’ve bought an Advanced Certificate Manager for this domain. I would like to switch from the universal cert to the advanced cert with minimal downtime (or without downtime if possible).
As there is no step by step tutorial for this task I really don’t know what will happen after issuing the advanced cert and how to proceed.

Hi @it1114,

The universal certificate will not go anywhere when you purchase the advanced one. That will continue working until the advanced cert is issued. Certificate priority means that your advanced cert will always be served if it’s valid, and it will only fallback to the universal cert if the advanced one fails for some reason.

This means you don’t need to do anything to avoid downtime, you can disable the universal cert once the advanced one is issued, but it’s not needed or recommended to do that. You can have both running together and the advanced one should always be served.

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