Switching domain hosting to new company, third company involved with email domain

Our website has been hosted by Fareharbor for years and we are switching to LittleHotellier for new website and hosting. We have always owned our domain ChateauCountryInn. About 2 years ago we brought in Westelcom for our email domain and they have our domain registered with Cloudflare, however can’t tell me how to change the A record for the new website and subsequently the CNAME. All three companies tell me to contact the other. Unable to directly contact Cloudflare support because we do not have the log-in for our domain. I am not this technical and need guidance, please and thank you!

B Rusho,

Apologize for the typo ---- Company

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Assuming we are talking about chateaucountryinn.com here, that domain is not registered with Cloudflare. The nameservers, however, do point to Cloudflare and so that is where you would need to change the DNS records.

Whichever company added your domain to Cloudflare should be the ones to help with this, they should be able to grant you access to edit the configuration for your domain or do that on your behalf.

If they won’t then you’d need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar to point to a different DNS provider that you control or your own Cloudflare account.

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The information I have says DNS Records for chateaucountryinn…cody.ns dot Cloudflare dot com

cody.ns dot Cloudflare dot com

lucy.ns dot Cloudflare dot com

is this not Cloudflare?

Yea, that means this:

That doesn’t mean the domain is registered with Cloudflare.

Thank you, just trying to figure out how to change things with Cloudflare, since no one else seems to be able to help me.

Unfortunately you only really have two options, you go back to the company that added your domain to Cloudflare and ask them to change the records or give you access to do it, or you move the domain to your own Cloudflare account (setting it up from scratch) or another DNS provider.

Thank you!

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