Switching Cloudflare to point to my new nameservers

I am scared! Cloudflare has so far done everything it promised. I have changed the nameservers in my domain name control panel to Cloudflare. It is working perfectly with my old server. Now I need to point it at my new nameservers to access the new site on my new server but under the DNS tab there are a whole lot of ip addresses that I do not really understand. I was hoping I could just point Cloudflare to my new nameservers but I have no Idea where or how to do this, please someone help me - thanks guys

It gets a little tricky when migrating to a new host. Did you completely move? Website, email, anything else?

Generally, you want your DNS entries here to match the DNS entries at your new place. You’ll just have to do a lot of back-and-forth comparing. But here are some guidelines:

  1. Take a screen shot of your complete DNS screen here.
  2. Don’t delete any entries here.
  3. Copy IP addresses from the new name server into the corresponding DNS entries here.
  4. Add anything on the new place to DNS here.

Now you should have everything from the new name server copied over to your Cloudflare DNS settings.
When in doubt, only your “www” and “example.com” A, AAAA, and CNAME entries should be :orange:. The rest should be :grey:.
You may have some obsolete entries here that you’ll eventually know you should delete.

Post back and let us know if anything is broken.

If all else fails, set it back to what your screenshot from Step #1 shows.

At the moment the new website is on the new server. I have not yet set up new emails because I cannot really until the site is live, i can try but i cannot test. This is not too important as email enquiries from the enquiries form are forwarded to another domain and email address using a php script so I am confident this will still work. I was unsure did you want me to post the settings here on this topic?

> Take a screen shot of your complete DNS screen here. - do you want me to post the current Cloudflare DNS screen here on this topic?
Don’t delete any entries here. - OK
Copy IP addresses from the new name server into the corresponding DNS entries here. - Any ideas how i get these ?
Add anything on the new place to DNS here. - this I do not understand

I am so sorry for the trouble and appreciate your help SOOOOO much!

Don’t post the settings. It’s just for safekeeping in case you need to set everything back.

I neglected to mention that once you set up a domain here, you can’t point it to your new name servers to re-scan the DNS records. It all has to be updated manually, so I outlined the steps for this.

Are you saying you’ve already updated some of the DNS and it’s now serving the site from your new webserver?

No it is still serving the old site, serving the new site is the next step - i just need to be sure what I am doing - thanks - for the new nameservers - I just have 1 ip address does that sound right, this is the ip address I have entered into my hosts file for testing

It’s normal for a web server to have just the one IP address. You didn’t mention if you were changing DNS entries for email as well.

This is where I get a bit lost - everything will be on the new server so I guess I will need to change the email DNS as well - regards the one IP address, I understand the web server would have 1 ip address but I thought I would need one for each name server

We have updated the name servers as suggested by Cloudflare but my stite is still not loading with https://. website- talenteye . in.
Can anyone help me?

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites- ON

Opportunistic Encryption- ON

Always use HTTPS- ON

Make sure SSL is set to “flexible”, and you’ll need to make the DNS record for talenteye.in (the root zone) orange cloud :orange: instead of grey :grey: for Cloudflare SSL to work.

Also for me, when I transferred my site to Cloudflare, even though it said certificate was active, I had to wait 24 hours before it would load with https

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