Switching back and forth between hosting dns and cloud flare

Two day ago, there was an error and I switched my dns from Cloudflare to name cheap. After realizing the error, I switched my dns back to Cloudflare. Now my website is displaying a none secure warning on Chrome. Some times it does show the ssl certificate and sometimes it doesn’t. I created a new certificate but I am still getting this inconsistency :frowning:
It was working fine before this back and forth in changing dns. Is there anything I can do?

I forgot to mention that when it works, I don’t have the padlock in the address bar but get the dreaded Not secure mark instead.

Hi there,

Are your DNS entires proxied by Cloudflare?

Please check this documentation out for further reading and understanding.

Thank you.

Thanks! I went through the docs you sent and all is done accurately. I have actually been on Cloudflare for over 3 years. I switched back to my provider’s dns for one day but then decided to go back to Cloudflare and that is when the whole problem started! I flushed my hosts on chrome, flushed dns and still having this problem. It has been over 24 hours now and still no solution to be found. website is hashitek dot com


Can you provide us with your domain so we can take a look?


Preformatted text``hashitek.com

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