Switched to cloud flare name servers and get domain not found

I have a website on a Digital Ocean droplet which has been running fine for a year or so. I want to use Cloudflare so added it as a new website to my account. I switched the DNS from my old name servers to use the Cloudflare ones.

But now when visiting the domain, I get ‘domain not found’ and using DNS lookup no domain is picked up.

Is the domain not being registered with the Cloudflare DNS?

The domain is my author.online

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According to the online domain registry, that domain does not exist. Where did you purchase your domain registration?

Over a year ago!

Domain is now active on Cloudflare DNS (must have been the outage problem), but now I cannot connect to the site due to SSL issues. Argh!

Not when, but where did you purchase the domain? You need to check with them to see if you still have an active registration.

If it was over a year ago, it is possible that you failed to renew it. The registry for that TLD shows that domain name is no longer registered.

123-reg and the domain is still active on my account. I can see the name servers are now the Cloudflare ones

Are we talking about the same domain? This one is definitely not found.


The forum put a space after ‘my’!

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You may want to check your certificates in your Cloudflare dashboard. If you don’t see your Universal SSL certificates listed, you can turn off Universal SSL and then turn it back on after about five minutes.

Give it a few minutes to issue new certificates and see if that clears things up.

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That worked!!! Thank you so much.

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