Switched to CF DNS; web lost access to our subdomain

On Tuesday when we moved our DNS from Godaddy to CF, the web could no longer see our subdomain welcome.bobenyart.com although the domain itself is visible. Might switching our DNS over to CloudFlare be the reason why the web can no longer find our subdomain? And regardless, any suggestions on how I can recover web access to our subdomain?

I see that the ‘welcome’ subdomain is not resolving.

During the onboarding process, Cloudflare tries to guess at all possible DNS entries during the scan, but might not catch them all. That’s why the final DNS step is to confirm the entries it found.

If anything is missing, you can manually add it here. If you’re hosted at GoDaddy, it’s quite likely all it takes is another “A” record for ‘welcome’ with the IP address from your other DNS entries.


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