Switched several domains over to the Cloudflare registrar, one domain is having issues


This post is regarding the following support ticket: 2387480.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this issue that I’m having. I did open a ticket earlier this week but have not yet had a response unfortunately. The support ticket has been updated with more information as time went on.

I’ll start at the beginning. Last weekend I’ve switched over three domains from One.com to Cloudflare. All these domains are active in the Cloudflare registrar now, so that went alright. Two of these domains have a website running using Cloudflare pages and are using the new email forwarding without any problems.

The third one also has a website connected using Cloudflare pages and is also using the email forwarding feature. However, the setup didn’t go as smooth for this one. I personally can’t access the website but some friends and other Cloudflare discord community members can. Sounds like a cache issue, right?

Well, that was indeed my initial reaction… so I waited it out. Now comes the kicker. On Tuesday I started to notice that I wasn’t receiving any emails anymore on the third domain which is odd as I tested the email out. When I email to my third domain from Gmail, I get these emails without an issue, from Hotmail or Proton however the mails are bounced back and I get nothing.

This is where I realized that it might be more than just a caching issue, hence why I created the support ticket. I did several DNS tests and used several tools to see what is actually happening, but as I’m pretty new to the networking game I couldn’t pinpoint the issue. The findings of these test I have added to the support ticket.

In a last attempt to be able to fix it myself I turned on the DNSSEC feature, but that has been pending for at least 48 hours now. That is the reason why I’m reaching out to the community or to give my support ticket a bit more visibility as I’m in the dark when it comes to my third domain. Not being able to get any emails makes me a bit anxious as well.

My apologies for the long post but I wanted to give some context to the issue. It’s important to note that the setup for the third domain is exactly the same as the first to that have no issues at all.



Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue.

Thank you for sharing your ticket number here. I’ve escalated this.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply on a ticket and here.

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If you recently changed your domain nameservers, usually the DNS propagation process could take up to 24 hours, but sometimes it takes a bit longer like 48 or 72 hours to fully propagate due to the DNS cache at our local ISP providers.

May I ask have you tried using a different Web browser, or tried clearing your Web browser cache?
How about using a Private window (Incognito mode) or a VPN connection if possible?
Is it the same behaviour on your mobile phone (4G LTE, mobile data, cellular)?

Before you transfered your domain name to Cloudflare Registrar, were you already using Cloudflare for your domain name and had Cloudflare nameservers or not? :thinking:

Nevertheless, do you remember if DNSSEC was enabled for your domain(s) before? :thinking:
May I ask you to re-check and if possible disable DNSSEC for your domain name through Cloudflare dashboard?

Kindly, I’d suggest you to contact and ask your “old domain registrar” to check for and disable DNSSEC for your domain and remove any of the existing DS records at their interface.

Before changing domain nameservers, DNSSEC should be disabled at your registrar and any existing DS records removed. Unfortunately, this is a know “issue”, or rather to say it happens. Before we change domain nameservers, we should make sure we disable the DNSSEC feature and remove any of the existing DS type of DNS records for our domain at our domainr registrar.

You should disable DNSSEC and remove any of the existing DS records at your domain registrar before changing domain nameservers and wait up to 48 hours to fully clear up.
After that, you proceed with the process further. Otherwise, if you did not done this step, this is the cause of NXDOMAIN error.

The registrar change to Cloudflare was 7 days ago. I did the same setup for all the three domains, and only the third one is having issues. None of them had DNSSEC enabled as far as I know, all domains were transferred over from One.com all around the same time. As I transferred all domains over I’m sure that all of them did not have DNSSEC active else the other two would also have issues also.

Well that is the thing, Cloudflare is my registrar now. I do not have access to any of the old DNS setup anymore, so I would have to contact One.com. I’ll send them an email though! Thanks for that.

I honestly don’t remember.

Yes, different browsers, different devices, different VPN connections. I cleared my cache twice, I personally can’t view my website, but I know some can.

I’ll email One.com and ask them to disable DNSSEC and clear all my DS records. Let’s hope that this fixed the issue, but I would be confused if that would’ve been the issue as everything went alright with the other two domains.

Thanks anyway!

I just got in contact with One.com and they ensured me that there are no old DS records on their side. Neither was DNSSEC active. So I’ll just wait to see what the reply is on the ticket.


The ticket was just replied to, and it seems the issue is now resolved. Since we are awaiting confirmation, I will not mark as solved yet.

Thanks! It was indeed a DS issue.

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