Switched over from Google registrar, can't track what broke

Is there any way to verify what is working and what isn’t. My laptop browsers (multiple), my iPhone browser, and Android browser are all reporting various things at various times. What is a reliable way to figure out what is working and what is using cached look ups?

For context, I switched over from google domains to cloudflare last night. I created the cf account, added my domain, switched DNS to cf, and then transferred the domain over. I went to Google dashboard and accepted the transfer and cf now reports the domain as transferred.

  • I have a github pages hosted site at NameRedacted . com

  • I have a Google Photos site at feed . NameRedacted . com
    This was created using Google Domain dashboard subdomain feature.

  • I have a homelab ubuntu server running nginx pointing to a music library at pve . NameRedacted . com

  • The same ubuntu server running nginx is pointing to vault warden at vw . NameRedacted . com
    The nginx/Ubuntu is using a dynamic IP that is updated using a script for Google Domains so I wouldn’t be surprised if that is breaking (but it continues to work). Sorry I am losing my mind, probably because I can’t track this reliably.

  • I have email addresses setup at info @ NameRedacted . com, contact@Name, and admin@Name that I have no idea how to test.

Thanks for any help.

What is the domain name?

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You have “too many redirects”. Set your SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)” here…


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Beautiful! That fixed the main site on my laptop (it was working fine on other devices).

Thanks for sharing the tool as well. I will have to spend some time fixing the other subdomains.

I will try and set up the emails again on cloudflare later.

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