Switched nameservers to Cloudflare - some lived, some died

I’ve transferred about ten new accounts to Cloudflare as I swap hosting services, and everything is working great except for three domains. The email settings all seem to be working flawlessly, but none of them can resolve the www requests.

The domains in question:

I ran the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center and it came back with DNSSEC as the first problem among many. Nothing changed when I updated these settings with my registrar. I’ll go through the rest of the issues to try and resolve them but thought I’d post here in case there’s something I’m missing that would solve my problems faster.

Example sites that are resolving fine (all pointing to carrd now):

-I’m limited to four links so put coms after these two:


Solved it - it was a redirect issue that required I change my SSL from flexible to full. Once I did that for all three, they worked fine. Hope that helps anyone who stumbles across the same issue!

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I was going to say that, usually some hosts have certain settings with Cloudflare, just put it in developer mode and change the SSL and see if it will work