Switched Hosts, new nameservers from host, how about cloudfare?

Recently I switched to a new hosting provider, and changed my name servers pointing to the new ones the hosts gave me. How do I reactivate my cloudfare servers, or get new nameservers from cloudfare?

You don’t need new nameservers from Cloudflare. Set those that have been assigned to you for your domain. You can find them on your Cloudflare dashboard

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  • Delete existing domain from Cloudflare. Setup it again. It will scan again and fetch DNS entries based on your new Nameservers.
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If you were in a full setup there’s no need to switch. Simply change entries for the hosts you are putting on the new hosting provider in Cloudflare to point to the new IP addresses or host names they provide for you.

so just to confirm, I can use back the same cloudfare name servers even though I switched nameservers when my hosts changed and I was provided new nameservers from the host?

You must first configure Cloudflare to match your new host with their
DNS records, then yes, set the nameservers back to Cloudflare. In a
Cloudflare configuration you never change nameservers to match a host,
instead you just set the new settings within Cloudflare itself.

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