Switched DNS, dnschecker.org confirms switched, but Cloudflare doesn't recognize

DNS updated on registrar (Squarespace Domains) and shows correct in dnschecker, but Cloudflare does not recognize.

Squarespace setup screenshot:

DNSSEC is enabled/configured at your Registrar, Squarespace, with an invalid configuration, looks like it was setup for your old DNS Host.

; EDE: 9 (DNSKEY Missing): (no SEP matching the DS found for volleyballcentral.club.)


You’ll want to either outright disable DNSSEC, or update your DNSSEC configuration with the information Cloudflare gives you:

These changes to your DNSSEC Configuration can be done at your Registrar, Squarespace. Specifically I would imagine it’s that DNSSEC tab shown in your screenshot under DNS


U da real MVP.

Though it would be nice of Cloudflare was able to detect this and tell you the reason why it isn’t working!

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