Switched CNAME from OneTrust to Marketo; Keeps serving OneTrust pages

This is a bit of an odd question: we work with 2 vendors who are both paid Cloudflare CDN customers. We changed the CNAME for preferencecenter.airtable.com from 32d7adc98d3547c3be13752384eeb9ac-privacy.my.onetrust.com to 458-jhq-131.mktoweb.com and I can confirm that the DNS has propagated globally. However, when I go to preferencecenter.airtable.com in a web browser, it still shows the OneTrust page. Is it possible that OneTrust needs to flush the Cloudflare cache before the Marketo page will become visible?

For future reference, something indeed had to be done by Cloudflare. Marketo was able to update the Cloudflare configuration so the new page was showing up.

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