Switch to Cloudflare Inc RSA CA-2

Fist of all I know that the DigiCert CA is deprecated, and this is just a non-important question. It’s just because I’m curious.

I currently have a pair of SSL certificates (ECC CA-3 and RSA CA-2). I have the ECC CA-3 active for my website. Is there a way to activate the RSA CA-2, so that is shown by default to visitors, without needing to change the ciphers? Thanks.

You can switch to using your own certificate. The ECC cert is shown to visitors by default because the negotiation is significantly faster improving overall performance while being as strong or stronger than the RSA certainly presented.

Thanks for your extremely quick response. However, I’m not willing to pay the full business price for just uploading a custom SSL. Again, this is just because I’m curious if it’s possible, since I’ve seen sites using the RSA CA-2 by default with TLS 1.3, so there needs to be a way to accomplish this without changing ciphers.

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