Switch SSL CA to cloudflare


We are using Sectigo DV SSL expiring in another 2 weeks. Our current setting is Full in SSL/TLS.

I am planning to switch to Cloudflare SSL before expiry. Does Advanced Certificate Manager 10/month will cover it? I’m still blur about the feature.

Do we need to do ANY CHANGES on our origin nginx setting?

Thanks very much.

For starters, you have an insecure encryption mode, that should be Full Strict.

Then, you can’t switch to Cloudflare, as you will still need a certificate on your server. All you could do is get an Origin certificate, but that would still need to be configured on your server.

The ACM is only proxy related.

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In short, change your encryption mode to Full Strict and get a certificate from https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls/origin.

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