Switch from google Mx to local server


I used to use gsuite and get an email [email protected] from google. Now I want to get my email directly with my server (vps).

I have created the email address into the cpanel. All seems fine. I also deleted google Mx to my custom ones.

My problem is I cannot add this email account with my mail app on my mac. It says that it cannot reach the server… I wonder if that’s an issue with my dns but I can’t find the error.

Anyone can help? Thanks

Your mail configuration on Cloudflare is okay. If something says it cannot reach your mail server that might be because all records are proxied. Try unproxying “mail” and check if it works, if not you’ll need to have a closer look and check why exactly you get that error. You need to make sure you are using unproxied records.

You’re a genius. Thanks a million !!

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