Switch back to previous navigation

Kindly switch back to the older navigation from the one in the left sidebar. It’s difficult to navigate quickly and easily, and finding what we need quickly can be challenging.

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Are you talking about the Search :mag: ?

No, the new nagivation option in the dashboard. It is difficult to use.

That’s interesting. I’m not seeing it on my account. Where does that “Tell us what you think” link take you? Here to the Community?


It is a Google docs form to take the survey. But let me tell you, the new navigation system is extremely bad for use.

Then that’s the appropriate place to let them know.


You can toggle the new nav on or off as you like @eldhose. I’ve been using it for a while and did find it odd at first and now doubt I’ll toggle it off as now it seems pretty intuitive. But, we really appreciate the #Feedback and as @sdayman mentioned, please do let the team know in the doc.



Oh great to see that option there. Thanks!

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