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my host, Siteground, was a Cloudflare partner, but in august has developed an internal CDN that I tried. Since then I saw a performance issues. Now I want to switch back to Cloudflare, but if I go to my Cloudflare dashboard I can’t see the nameservers to use because Siteground is still considered a partner.

This is the message under the dashbouad:

Partner hosted zone

Your DNS zone file is hosted by SiteGround, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

My two questions are:

  1. where can I find the nameservers to use?
  2. is enough to change the nameservers to switch back to the Cloudflare CDN or I need to change something else (considering the fact that siteground is still viewed as a Cloudflare partner in my dashboard but in reality is not anymore)?

Thanks in advance


Thank you for asking.

You’d have to contact SiteGround to remove your naked domain and www hostname from them, after that you could add your domain name to your Cloudflare account and change your domain nameservers at your domain registrar to the ones which will be newely provided and assigned to your personal Cloudflare account.

Kindly, see more helpful information as it’s your case as described on the article from below:

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