Swift Performance Warmup Cache and Cloudflare. Development MODE works but not Normal mode

I am new to Cloudflare and I am using wordpress with Swift Performance Cache plugin. This plugin includes a warmup cache that basically preps the php files and converts and caches an html and zipped html file. I have enabled Cloudflare integration in Swift Performance and I can see the warmup cached files on the server.

Here is the weird part. It worked yesterday but today I noticed that Cloudflare was serving me a file that was not Cached by Swift. I know this because the end of the file should include the text

So I cleared the Cloudflare cache several times. Still no Swift cached file. Finally I tried Cloudflare in Development MODE. This seemed to work and deliver the Swift cached files with the text above. So I tried purging Cloudflare cache again and removing Development MODE … so back to normal mode. To my surprise, it delivered a non-Swift file! I searched and found very little to help guide me in the right direction. Only one article suggested that it could be the server .htaccess file??? But I let the Swift plugin modify that for me and it does include some expires headers.

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