.svg images not showing

I have a very weird error that occurs with SVG images:

<img src="https://faviconer.net/img/arrow-right-dark.svg" alt="Next">

Here is an example.

While the image is available when viewing it directly, it doesn’t display when used as a “src” for an image from a different domain. It’s true for any .svg images. PNG, GIF, JPEG and other images are fine.

Thanks in advance.

Thats not really Cloudflare related.

content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8, wrong mimetype that why you can view directly but not in img tag

The thing is that the error started occuring only after I moved the domain to Cloudflare

Changed it to image/svg+xml - still not showing


Oh! Thanks so much. I’ve been looking through firebug, that was showing me incorrect content-type. The problem really wasn’t with Cloudflare. Thank you agan!

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