Suspicious URL

Hi, This url from Cloudflare is taking too much time to load and I am not able to identify how to disable this as it is being loaded in every post when checked on gtmetrix.!safeencodedurl_c

Here is the Gtmetrix URL:

See it in waterfall

I don’t know what’s generating that link, but I don’t think it’s Cloudflare. Plus, it’s throwing a 404.

My first guess it’s some sort of optimization plugin. Try turning off any optimization plugins (caching/minification, etc) and see if it clears up.

If you really want to see if it’s coming from Cloudflare, you can go to your Overview page and used Advanced to “Pause Cloudflare.” That will temporarily bypass Cloudflare until you re-enable it.

That definitely is not from Cloudflare.

In fact, it comes from your own website when you are trying to load some font.

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