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I have a problem with someone hacked my internet. When I found out, I called the antivirus company. They told me that my machine was now clean but you should contact your ISP to help change the IP because the IP is blacklisted. When accessing some sites I am asked for a verification code like the attached image. How can this problem can be eliminated. Please help me to avoid this issue.

Well. As stated by your AV support: call your ISP. Most private internet Connections have dynamic IPs addresses. You could restart your router and check if it changes.

But often it’s a range of IPs of a single network that is challenged by Cloudflare if there was suspicious activity detected in the past.

And this is intended to protect website owners. Nobody here can help you in this case.

How can I avoid this message

Contact your ISP or the site owner

You can also add this browser extension to pre-verify yourself so this doesn’t happen:

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I tried it but not working, I contacted ‘’ project honey pot’’ they advice me to contact Cloudflare

There’s nothing we can do once you’re blacklisted. If you can’t get your ISP to change your IP address, you’re just going to have to wait until your IP drops off the blacklist.

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How long will take until my IP drop off from the blacklist?

That type of information generally isn’t public, so I have no idea how long you’ll be blacklisted.

I contacted my ISP to change your IP address, they told me that ‘’ Cloudflare can’t say that. if its them blocking the ip they need to fix it’’ and also told me ‘’ Cloudflare will blacklist another ip address’’

Clearly your IP address was blacklisted for good reason. Now that your computer is cleaned up, you’re just going to have to wait…or keep asking your ISP. Cloudflare isn’t going to un-blacklist you until they’re sure you’re no longer a threat.

As a tip, I notice when I completely disconnect my cable modem for a period of time (several hours/days/weeks), when I reconnect it, I get a new IP address.

I use antivirus ( ESET ) and I contacted them for that, one of their experts join me ( remote control ) and checked everything inside my laptop and he told me that my laptop is clean.

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How can Cloudflare be convinced that my laptop is clean. Please help me

Your ban system is very unprofessional. Banning dynamic IPs is a cheap banning system, now my IP has changed so I’m banned because you banned other private network at any time and now I must charge other’s consecuences.

Please improve your baning system, you sell your cdns and dns services to a lot of sites globally and this system has a lot of flaws.

At least you must implement a request form to apply for be excluded of the blacklist I am tired of filling captchas. Even blaclist mail servers has this type of forms and give you the reasons of your ban. Cloudflare instead cannot give any info of the ban.

It seems like you use other blacklist systems like this DNSBL Information - SORBS - Dynamic User and Host List ( where my ip is listed and you can read message like this:

If you are listed on DUHL and not running a mail server do not worry about being listed here - it is normal for users in dynamically assigned IP space.

Like I said a very unprofessional work for a top IT Company like this.

Just an addition:

Website owners can manually whitelist, challenge or block single IPs, or even whole countries manually.

Cloudflare does an excellent job with their bans and there are not that much false positives.

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I’m confused, because I’m only visitor to the website and want to solve this issue. Please help me

As stated above: we can’t help you further. There were serveral hints given.

Disconnect your router. I don’t know how long it takes until you get a new ip assigned, or if you will not get a new one at all.

When I restart my router, I get a new one immediately. How ever, other customers need to be offline for a while to get a new one (cable customers here in DE)

Btw. What’s the problem with the Captcha? Simply enter the code and you should be able to visit the page without any challenge for a specific amount of time.

Thank you for your reply? You mean it is normal to enter the code until my IP be removed by Cloudflare from blacklist


Completing the challenge let’s you bypass this protection for X minutes or hours. Usually.

Thank you