Suspension of Pro plan

I received an invoice for my existing pro plan on 23 rd of March 2022 and paid the US$ 20 on 23rd March 2022.
Immediately after making the payment, I received an email from Cloudflare stating that my Cloudflare
Pro plan was cancelled, no reason was given.

Then I raised a ticket: #2407278, my request was forwarded to the Trust & safety team, ticket No: #9891493. Trust %& safety replied the reason for cancellation was "Due to your involvement in registering a domain associated with a sanctioned party, we suspended your account, which prevents you from adding new domains. At this time, we are unable to lift the suspension or allow you to add any domains to your account.

Same Trust & safety team later informed me that there was a confusion, the reason for suspension is due to payment chargeback.

On 1st April, Same Trust & Safety sent a message stating that they have made some adjustments to the account and I should be able to pay now. Asked me to disregard the chargeback. I do not need to pay that back since they have reviewed my account and see that I am currently up to date on billing.

On 2nd April , I noticed that my account enabled me to update the free plan to pro plan and remained as Pro plan until I refresh the page.

I am stuck, my plan is no longer Pro plan, visitors from EU and North america are unable to submit forms as the response pages are getting refreshed.

I am sure Cloudflare with all the required resources should be able resolve the issues faced by me.

Once an issue is escalated to Trust & Safety, most staff have no visibility into it. I’m afraid the community is unable to help with abuse related issues and you will need to follow up directly with T&S or with [email protected] if it’s a more general payment issue.