Suspension of domain

I am unsure on how to proceed with this issue.
It looks like one of our domains was deactivated for going over quota.
I did some digging and it looks like the issue might have to do with clause 2.8, I’ll explain.

We pointed our domain and enabled the cloudflare orange cloud to be able to apply page rules and protect our webserver IP, however my understanding is that by doing so we also enabled something that shot us over quota because of the content we serve through that web server.
Our team has already performed the necessary changes to handle the page rules outside of cloudflare and our site is operating again (though the IP is not masked anymore), I am wondering if cloudflare could unblock our domain and perhaps indicate us how to avoid another incident like this while making sure we don’t violate any terms.

Domain affected:

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If Trust and Safety has suspended your account, there’s nothing the forum can do. You have to take it up with the contacts and information listed in the message you received.

Thank you for your clarification, I will follow up through them.

Edit: actually, my account is not suspended, it looks like the domain is simply graylisted at the moment (as in everything passes through but all cloudflare features are disabled)

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