"suspended page" error

thanks for this community, I hope there a few patient people here as I am VERY green at all this, so if you respond please speak very S L O W L Y. If you speak lingo I may not know what you are talking about , so think 4 year old and it should all be fine! I had a try at authoring only my second website in 15 years during this week with a little Mac desktop app called Easy web, based on the ancient Mac app “iweb”, and surprisingly got it online via FTP with details provided by my private hosting guy in our little town (who is on holidays and grudgingly supplied the server details) . Then I realized, as my website is very old, that I need to urgently update it to SSL, so did so with Cloudflare. Problem is I am now getting this “suspended page” error https://www.alicespringsfilmtv.com.au/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi I have cleared all browser caches and the Cloudflare cache but it happens every time.
Any ideas? Thanks!

What exactly did you need to update and how did Cloudflare solve it for you? I assume you had to renew your SSL certificate. Is that right? That would be disconnected from Cloudflare however and would need to be done for/on your server, where your site is actually hosted.

That error comes straight from your server. It appears your host suspended your hosting account for some reason. Before you can continue setting up Cloudflare you’ll first need to sort that out with your service provider and have your account re-enabled. Simply contact them about it.

Just for the sake of good order and so we know we are talking about the same thing, your server’s IP address is x.x.x.88 (partially redacted), correct?

No, I never had SSL my old iweb site was made before they had ever thought of it I think. I thought by going through the Cloudflare free domain ssl process it would change it to SSL. are there further settings I need to switch on?! 02%20pm|460x500 this image is of my Easyweb software and what they require to publish a site.
I have changed settings to FTP with SSL presuming that Cloudflare had changed the site to https (I have added the ‘s’) in the URL. My host who is very uncooperative, says that he logged in remotely and couldn’t see any suspension activity and that was that!

So essentially I am trying to parallel publish this .com site ( https://www.alicespringsfilmtv.com/index.html ) onto my .com.au site ( https://alicespringsfilmtv.com.au/ ) keeping both online for now. Sorry this is so complicated but we live in one of the most remote towns in the world and when your host goes on holidays it makes it very hard!

You’d have SSL on Cloudflare’s servers, but you’d still need a certificate on your server, otherwise the connection between Cloudflare and your server will be still unencrypted and insecure (rendering SSL useless to begin with).

First you need to get your host to re-enable your site. Then you need them to configure a certificate (you can have e.g. a free Origin Certificate issued from Cloudflare) on the server.

Once that is done everything should work in theory, but the first step is to have the site working/enabled again and this can only be done by your host, so you’d need to contact them first.

As far as the .com site is concerned, it does appear to be online already, however it is not using Cloudflare but points to a Liquid Web IP address instead. Do you want to forward it to your .au address? Thats something you would need to configure on that Liquid Web account or alternatively, move that .com to Cloudflare as well and perform the redirect with a page rule.

But I’d still consider the .com domain a secondary issue at this point. You first need to get your .au domain working.

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