Suspended Account how do you find out what the error is?

So I just found out that my account is suspended. When I initially set this up it was working. My domain is through Sitegroud and they say it is a Cloudflare problem, when I look at my account it says active. I have no idea what the error is. I set up two accounts at the same time one is working the other is not. I know they were both originally working. The bummer, it could have been down for a month now and I’m just finding out. Can someone please help me!!! Sent a ticket but I have no idea how long it takes them to respond. How long does it take them to respond on a free account? How do I find out what the error is?
My site name is

As the message actually says, you need to contact your host about that.

It is more than likely after talking to the host where my redirect is going that it is a redirect on why my URL looks suspended. My redirect link is correct and on. How do I get help with this?

Either by your host (if your hosting is suspended) or your web developer (if nothing is suspended but you are incorrectly redirecting).

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