Suspend by: CPU Daily Limit

I am receiving emails very often warning that I have exceeded the daily CPU limit on my site: which I rarely access and has few visitors. This is the fourth time my site has been suspended because of this and when contacting the host (inifinityfree) they say it is cloudflare that is using more than my site’s CPU limit. Even once my site was suspended and I had not logged in for a week and had no visitors. I demand action, this service is only causing me damage and my site is too simple to have so many suspensions.

Hi @balletparatodos, this is a Community of people that use Cloudflare. You’ll want to ask Support about any details of your account. I’m a bit surprised actually as we have millions of domains using Cloudflare, I’ve not heard mention of similar runaway cpu consumption.

When they say “cloudflare that is using more than my site’s CPU limit”, did they indicate this by identifying a runaway process on your origin or by looking at IP traffic to your site?

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